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Everyone loves a board game, and here at the Tunbridge Wells Gift Shop we stock a fine array of modern and classic titles that will provide hours of fun and entertainment for all the family. Whether it’s the cut and thrust of property development with Monopoly or the simple joy of snakes and ladders there really is something here for everyone. And of course each game has that unique Tunbridge Wells spin for extra excitement!

HAPPY FAMILIES: This simple family card game for two to four players has been delighting children and adults alike since the great exhibition of 1851. happy familiesThis luxury, limited Tunbridge Wells edition blends the best of old and new, featuring all new families based on the original 19th century watercolours of Sir Robert Tenniel himself, as commissioned by the game’s inventor John Jaques II. Each deck is individually guillotined from hand printed master sets and lovingly hand finished by our own in-house team of cardoliers to ensure levels of quality control unprecedented in the world of gift shop merchandising. Only £19.99 + p&p

JENGA: This Tunbridge Wells themed version of the classic block stacking challenge offers an entirely new take on the original game-play. tw jengaReplacing the traditional brick tower with a perfect scale model of the town’s derelict cinema site, the race is on to be the first to find the foundation stone and bring Tunbridge Wells’ biggest eyesore crashing to the ground! The clever mechanism at the heart of this game is the foundation stone itself, which offers over a thousand permutations for weight distribution to ensure new game-play – and thus a new game – every time. Box includes six folding hard hats and a surveyors whistle, and there’s even a set of self-adhesive decals for those who want to add their own graffiti! Only £39.99 + p&p

MONOPOLY: Here we present another family favourite with its own Tunbridge Wells twist. As well as featuring local properties and streets the chance and community cardstw monopoly have been updated to include local issues and themes (‘You have been found guilty of insider trading. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO but do collect £500,000′, for example), and the sterling silver playing pieces have been specially selected to represent everyday aspects of life in our community. While the racing car remains – a nod to all those dads going through a mid-life crisis – the other seven pieces have been replaced with Mum’s Disco; Au Pair and Three-Wheel Buggy; Commuter’s Train; Farmer’s Market Craft Stall; I-Phone‘; Vintage Port Decanter; and GF/DF artisan cupcake.


BLOW POLO – an exciting tabletop version of everyone’s favourite sporting event, the Cartier International. Set includes eight straws (or ‘Puff Mallets’), balls, hard-hats, goalposts,  and a fully folding playing surface featuring ALL 10 of the Guards Polo Club’s famous fields. You would have to be ‘chukking mad’ to pass up the opportunity of owning this beautiful, hand-crafted, deluxe and delightful board game.

PASS THE BUCKAROO – Keep your executive job safe by shafting work colleagues and sucking up to the boss. Loosely based on TV’s ‘The Apprentice’, this hand crafted board game features a Monopoly style playing surface with integrated Pop-O-Matic die-rolling mechanism to eliminate die weighting and other forms of underhand double-dealing. As players advance around the track they draw cards revealing tasks and challenges they must complete to earn ‘brownie-nose- points’. The first player to reach the ‘inner sanctum’ and prostrate him or herself before ‘Lord Sugardaddy’ wins. Set comes complete with eight ‘executive’ playing pieces (3 men, 3 women + one of each variety of gay), the ‘Lord Sugardaddy’ false beard and wig, and the patented, battery operated You’re Fired, Get Out! megaphone.

TIDDLY WINKS – Who will catch your eye while playing this exciting after dinner party game, and will they be tiddly enough to respond to the sly wink you tip them when their spouse is looking in the other direction? This fun game has been enlivening dinner parties in Royal Tunbridge Wells for well over a century, and is so portable it can even be played (out) in your favourite gastro-pub or restaurant. Why, it’s so unobtrusive you won’t even realise you are playing (until the divorce papers land on the mat in the hallway)!

BUILD A BUGATTI – Luxury car version of the classic ‘build a bug’ game. This deluxe set contains six solid-silver, handmade, 1:25 scale Bugatti models ranging from the classic 1910 Type 13 right through to today’s EB16.4. Each vehicle is assembled from 21 component parts, each of which  assigned a different number between one and six. Simply throw the die, collect all 21 pieces and be the first to BUILD A BUGATTI! A must-have game for petrol heads and budding Clarksons of all ages.

And talking of cars…    Why not continue to page 2 to check out our exciting range of Children’s electric vehicles?



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    1. Hi Kimberley – Not entirely sure if this is a joke or not, but either way the answer’s no, I’m afraid! “The Tunbridge Wells Ware” featured on my site is all spooof – me gently taking the piss out of stereotypes associated with my home town. Thanks for reading, though, and if you are looking for a vintage blow polo I hope you have success in finding one in time for Christmas 🙂

  1. What is the name of the company that makes the limited edition “Wells family” Happy families game you refer to on your website

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