The R. T. W. Gift Shop: Food Hall

Food Hall

Regrettably our food hall is currently closed for refurbishment. We are taking this opportunity to review our stock profile to ensure that only the finest and most exclusive foods, wines and beverages are included in our range. We apologise wholeheartedly for any inconvenience caused and would assure our regular patrons that the newly refurbished food hall, when operational, will continue to offer all of their old favourites together with an array of exciting new products guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding of Gourmands.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of an established favourite to get your mouths watering:

Jumbo Sausage


Made with 100% organically and sustainably farmed prime elephant steak from our own herds, these traditional favourites have been specially processed by our award winning master butchers to defy the laws of physics. With a meat content of 120%, this really is the King of sausages. Whether it’s toad-in-the-hole or saussices au vin for dinner the Royal Tunbridge Wells Jumbo Sausage is sure to satisfy!


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