Asperger’s and Me: Chris Packham.

I don’t write about TV programmes very often. I think the last time was about Grayson Perry and his series on “class”, but a big part of that was about Tunbridge Wells, which I write about quite a lot, so I’m not sure it completely counts. And it was ages ago anyway.

chris packhamSo anyhow, I’ve just got round to watching Chris Packham’s documentary about Asperger’s Syndrome (BBC TV – catch it on I-Player) and the impact it’s had on his life, and it was a pretty tough watch in places. It’s wonderful that Chris Packham had / has such a unique obsession and the drive and understanding to carve a career from it, but, as he observed himself, for every one like him there will be a thousand other “High Functioning” autistics who haven’t quite got what it takes to negotiate all of the tricky social complexities and realise their full potential. Or even part of it. That’s not to say that Chris Packham found it easy – the description of him making lists of the must nots he’s constantly repressing to appear “normal” was particularly informative (and familiar!) – but his special interest and intense focus did enable him to create a niche for himself that was a little more accommodating and comfortable than the round holes that most square-peg autistics find themselves forced to try to fit into. Continue reading “Asperger’s and Me: Chris Packham.”


I don’t very often post pics of myself…

… because not only does THE CAMERA LIE, but it tells particularly nasty whoppers where me poemI am concerned. However, this one was taken of me reading one of me poems at Tonbridge Calling yesterday and apart from the colour cast from the grass it wasn’t too awful, so I thought weeeeeeeeell…

Anyway, that was me reading yesterday, and more of the same will be happening again next Sunday at the same location for Invite a Tree for Tea. Hopefully they’ll get a pic of my much-easier-on-the-eye poetry partner in crime, Peppy Scott, too!

Between now and then I will also be doing my stuff indoors at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, as support for three time world champion spoken word artist, Buddy Wakefield. THREE TIMES you say? He must be a bit good then… Gotta be worth a looksee (‘listenee’), ennit…



Well, I did say that another blog would be along shortly. I dunno, you wait for ages and then three come along at once… YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!

Anyhow, the reason for this sudden spate of blogs is that I’ve recently been doing more performance stuff, and as I’ve got a fair bit coming up over the next month or so I thought you might appreciate a heads-up. Continue reading “ANOTHER one?”

Going for a Song…

This is the first of three – possibly four – connected blogs coming up over the next few days. It was originally written as a standalone blog a couple of months ago, but I forgot to post it! It’s not completely relevant to the other two (or three), but may save a bit of explanation later on, which can only be a good thing…

Not something I ever thought I would find myself saying, but I’ve been taking singing lessons. My next one is on Monday next week, and that’ll be about half a dozen or so under my belt.

The reason I never thought I’d say ‘I’ve been taking singing lessons,’ is because I never thought I’d ever be singing outside of my own bathroom, but it only goes to show that you shouldn’t go making glib assumptions about things. That said, I don’t have a need for singing lessons, I just want to do it. And here’s why. Continue reading “Going for a Song…”

Hello Again!

A bit of nonsense to post now, but I’ve quite a few irons in the fire at the moment so will get back soon to talk about those. In the meantime, here’s that nonsense…

Oddly delighted to discover this in one of my ‘bog books’ while taking my morning poo… It’s a page from Spike Milligan’s ‘Book of Bits’ which I bought 2nd hand from the P&P book exchange when I was about 11.

I am particularly heartened that the caption I entered then is pretty much the same one I would enter now – a lovely indication that I have retained the joyful exuberance of youth despite all the horrors life has lobbed at me. I am similarly pleased with the mis-spelling of ‘Hooray’, which I have reproduced twice, regardless of the fact that the word is correctly printed only millimetres away from my own entry.


book of bits