In last week’s blog I mentioned Pingwings, praising the Dragon’s Friendly Society for the excellent conservation work they have undertaken to protect these lovely little creatures from extinction. You will also remember (if you read it) that I have adopted my own Pingwing, “Pip”, who is now living with me at Lovely Mansions.

Imagine my delight the other day, then, when I discovered that Pip’s presence in the house has attracted a small crèche of wild Pingwings who can now be seen frolicking wildly in my back garden whenever I let Pip out to play…

Here’s a pic I took the other day after heavy rain had left them with lots of lovely puddles to splash in (Pingwings love puddles). I’m fairly sure there are nine Pingwings in the crèche, which means there should be ten hidden in the picture including Pip. Can you spot them all?

click to zoom
click to zoom

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