Two Coins

Two Coins

Colour on colour,
Translucent gems glittering
Like pirate’s treasure
In the depths of crystal clear rockpools.

I could lose myself forever in this kaleidoscope perfection,
Glide for days through these rainbowed heavens,
Undisturbed by those who rudely jostle past,
Content within my splendid isolation.

Time stands still inside this childhood shrine,
This sacred palace of chocolate and spun sugar.
A brace of sweaty sixpence locked tight within my palm;
A  King’s ransom in the grubby hand of a rag-tail pauper.

Come on, son, I need to close up, 
Take your pick and let me get my dinner.
Decision made, my fingers flex tighter still,
As I make my way home in quiet contemplation of tomorrow.