This House…

A poem for Prose For Thought. It might be a bit rough around the edges – I’ve only just written it – but at least it’s fresh!

This House

This house once rang with the sound of children’s laughter
The thunder of feet on stairs
The slamming of a thousand doors…

This kitchen has witnessed the baking of tarts
The tossing of pancakes
The mystery of vanishing biscuits…

This living room has held a forest of Christmas trees
A corner shop’s worth of chocolate eggs

A postman’s sack of passed birthday parcels…

This bathroom has seen a flotilla of rubber ducks
Dirty faced angels scrubbed innocent and clean

And been the surgery where a thousand grazed knees have been kissed better…

In these bedrooms children have been conceived and born
Tucked safely into bed

Spun adventures to last them a lifetime…

In this house we have lived
In this house we have loved and been loved
In this house we learned that the past is a foreign country.


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