Skinned Alive

Found this lurking in a dusty corner of my hard drive this morning. I was clearly feeling a bit self-indulgent and sorry for myself. I’ll probably delete it tomorrow!

Skinned Alive 

skinnedI used to be thin skinned.
Now I feel I have no skin at all.
Everything hurts.
I can’t listen to music
In case a chord progression takes me by surprise

Or watch TV
In case somebody dies.

I look down into the eyes of a child in my arms
And my heart breaks.

It’s love, but it still hurts
And I don’t know whether I’m more scared of letting it in
Or letting it out.


6 thoughts on “Skinned Alive”

    1. Oh, I wish it was that simple! Just me on a bad (mawkish, self-indulgent, need a good kick up the arse…) day, I’m afraid… but that said I know exactly what that friend (?) meant… Thanks for comment 🙂

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