The Man Who Thinks He’s It

I’ve been performing poetry at slams, open mics and festivals for a few years now, but this hasn’t really been reflected here on my website because I’ve always considered performance poetry and ‘page poetry’ (to coin a phrase I actually find pretentious and irritating) as slightly different things. For some time now I’ve been meaning to create a new website to showcase my performance stuff, as this one is more of a personal playground hosting anything and everything that pops into my rather disorganised head.

Not all of my performance poetry is humorous, but much of it is. I think that poetry belongs in pubs and clubs and on variety bills every bit as much as it belongs in books and pamphlets, and that humour is the great leveller across all audiences.

Anyhow, it may be a while before I get that new website up and running, or the content (video and audio files of live performances) created and uploaded, but here, in the interim, is a recording I made to promote a short set at a local music and arts festival.  Sorry, if it sounds a bit ‘ringy’ – the festival app needed MP3 format, and then Soundcloud appears to have compressed it again.


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