I’m not sure if this is finished yet, and if it isn’t whether it’s for the want of a ‘polish’ or complete rewrite! But what the hell…


The spell is cast
With leather, lace and silk

With the tilt of your neck
The curve of your throat
The smell of your hair.

The spell is broken
With the taste of you on my lips

With the violent rush of me flowing into you
With the flush of arousal staining your skin.

And so,
At last,

In the afterglow,
We meet as equals.


N.B: I’m also unsure about the title – ‘Spellbound’ or ‘Pedestal’? Any thoughts greatly appreciated…


12 thoughts on “Spellbound”

  1. I prefer Spellbound – ‘pedestal’ is a bit of a jarring sort of word whereas ‘spellbound’ is floatier. Not sure that makes sense! ‘pedestal’ is what the poem is about but ‘Spellbound’ feels/looks/sounds like the better choice to me. The second verse took me by surprise as after v1 I thought it was going to be a purely romantic poem. I like a bit of surprise though. And it’s good to share poems I think a it’s all too easy to lose all perspective in endless re-writes!

    1. I think you’re probably right – pedestal a bit of a giveaway… 🙂 Besides, I like titles that are song names and ‘Spellbound’ has Siouxsie in its favour! Most of my ‘romantic’ poems have a bit of a sting in the tale – but then so do most romances, don’t they? Really hope that isn’t just me! Thanks for comment 🙂

    1. Not bleak at all… one thing you can DEFINITELY say about life is that there’s not one of us going to get out of it alive… if that ain’t a sting in the tail I don’t know what is! Thanks for comment. And liking 🙂

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