December Haiku…

No I’m not copying BlueBeretMum – it’s just a coincidence!

I will probably not be posting to #Prose4T & PoCoLo next week as I’m hoping my MAGIC MODEM will work again this year and that a very special guest blogger will be taking the reins ( ;-)) for the twelve days leading up to Christmas. All being well, his first post should appear at around 4:00pm on Friday 13th (oooh, that sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Just as well I’m not triskaidekaphobic!). I hope you will come back and say hello. I will ask him to link to Prose4T and PoCoLo, but he does get very busy at this time of year so we’ll just have to wait and see… 🙂 

Meanwhile… here are some December Haiku I wrote a few years ago:

Crisp snow underfoot
Crunching like wrapping paper
My White Christmas gift.


When the child’s delight
Ignites and unites the room

We remember Joy.

Wrapping paper piled
Ribbons strewn across the floor
The stocking plundered

A bright star shining
Children’s heads draped with tea-towels

Mothers’ hearts aching.

Alone on the snow
White against white and blue sky

The snowman keeps watch.

As the sun rises
The night frost on the branches

Weeps the day’s first tear.

Skaters on the ice
Swimmers circling below

Two worlds colliding.

An ocean of smiles
Chorus of children’s voices
‘Oh no it isn’t’



Oh… for anyone not yet Christmassed out – a December / Christmas themed Advent Calendar from myself and my friends at the Tunbridge Wells Writers…

full calendar


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