An Appeal…


Simon appeal


PLEASE HELP: Simon suffers from Posterial Facial Feature Disfigurement, a rare genetic disorder compromising the lives of almost three people worldwide. PFFDA is a registered* charity dedicated to improving the lives of sufferers by raising awareness of the condition and providing support and funding to enhance all aspects of their daily living, and we desperately need your help.

We are currently raising funds to purchase a specially adapted luxury caravan on the Isle of Wight, in order that Simon and people like him can enjoy the kind of long weekend winter holiday breaks that others take for granted. Sadly, however, despite many months of intensive chugging and bucket rattling we are still falling hopelessly short of our 3.2 million pound

How YOU Can Help: Please donate all you can via the PayMate account below. All funds will go directly to our offshore business account in Jersey, ensuring that every penny reaches us without the taxman getting his grubby little hands on it. In this way we can ensure that your individual contribution goes exactly where it is needed most**.

In addition to direct contributions you can also help by joining our Spread Your Cheeks to Spread the Word viral media campaign. Yes, it’s that easy: simply uploading a picture of your arse (together with a donation of five pounds) to the social networking platform of your choice and nominating 10 of your closest friends and loved ones to do the same will mean that YOU have helped us to help someone like Simon.

Go on. You know you want to. And remember – It’s all for a great cause!

Thank you for taking the time to read this very important and urgent appeal.



* It’s in the post.

** PFFDA is a non-profit organisation, with all proceeds after administration costs, salaries, advertising, and reinvestment (etc) going directly into the provision of front line care.   


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