When I first started blogging it was really just to amuse myself. Even today the ‘blog’ itself is a pretty random affair, but I do want to make other areas of the site a bit more consistent and to use them as a showcase for my serious writing. With that in mind I’ve started this ‘miscellaney’ section as an extension of the blog to house all the other random stuff that my mind generates without it cluttering up the main menu.

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Gift Shop is really just an excuse for me to have fun with the Snooty, Middle England stereotypes that get applied to my home town, and to have a bit of a pop at those living in the town for whom those stereotypes seem very apt.

The Hackenthorpe Book of Lies is a conceit based on a half page spoof advertisement in an old Monty Python book.

I would suggest both sections lend themselves more to casual perusal than extended reading. I thought they were funny when I was writing them, but humour is very subjective…


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