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I’m David, and most of what I do revolves around single parenting my son, Ben. Other than that I spend much of my time banging a qwerty keyboard like a hypothetical monkey in the hope of being the one out of an infinite number of such monkeys to produce a work of genius worthy of Shakespeare himself. Failing that I’ll settle for a work of arguably average worthy of Dan Brown himself, just so long as it’s marketable. While waiting for that to happen (and in an infinite number of infinite universes it will/has, and this particular universe might turn out to be one of the former so it’s worth checking in occasionally) this is my blog-sort-of-thing.

My long-term goal is to somehow make a living from my writing, but to date I’ve been concentrating more on getting my Hons. Degree in English Lit. than exploring potential areas of marketing. The blog itself is a pretty random affair – there’s no ‘theme’ other than me rattling on about whatever I’m thinking about at the time. I do slip in the occasional ‘serious’ post (usually about autism – both my son and I are on the spectrum – or social politics to do with disability) but mostly it’s played for laughs.

There are short stories and poems to be found in the Prose & Poetry sections of the site; a bit of a mixed bag but generally more serious in tone than the blog.

If you’ve read this far, Thank you; I hope you’ll find some of the other pages interesting too…


Oh… should you see anything you would like to ‘borrow’ or have any other queries, feedback or suggestions feel free to contact me using the form below.

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