The Daily Poem

Day 81



Hey, do you remember that time on the Isle of Wight
When we went skinny-dipping at night on a deserted beach
And that crowd of people suddenly appeared
And sat right next to our clothes?

Or what about that winter weekend in Paris
When it was so cold the lift froze
So we had to use the stairs instead to climb the Eiffel Tower
And my vertigo kicked in before we reached the first floor?

And do you remember that day at the funfair
When you got the fastest bumper car
And I got the one that kept stopping
And you knocked the roustabout flying
When he tried to get me started again?

Do you remember the fun we had?
All the laughter and sex and silly private jokes?
All the meals we shared and wine we drank and…

And then there was that farewell kiss,
Your beautiful body so small and frail,
Your final breath muffled by the mask on your face
That had been doing your breathing for you.

What the fuck did you go and do that for?

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