The Daily Poem

Day 53


When I first thought about writing a Daily Poem for a year I thought it would be easy, because I write poetry most days anyway. What I’ve quickly come to realise is that writing a poem every day is one thing, while writing a complete and polished poem every day that you then want to immediately share is another. My Daily Poems were intended to be the kind of stuff I post in response to Facebook or Twitter threads – silly little couplets and epigrams for the amusement of myself and the individual I was replying to, and/or a twenty minute ‘morning papers’ kind of exercise that would set me up for my ‘proper’ writing. That doesn’t really work with a wider audience, and I feel a bit like I’m cheating or selling myself and my readers short when I post a few lines rather than a few stanzas. I’m probably overthinking it, but will try to go a bit easier on myself from now on. So, while there will be the occasional longer poem and/or serious poem, there will also be a lot more of this kind of thing… 

The Mole

An industrious fellow, the mole
As he tunnels through meadow and knoll
He looks really cute
In his black velvet suit
But he’s more of a pest on the (w)hole

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