Hello Again!

A bit of nonsense to post now, but I’ve quite a few irons in the fire at the moment so will get back soon to talk about those. In the meantime, here’s that nonsense…

Oddly delighted to discover this in one of my ‘bog books’ while taking my morning poo… It’s a page from Spike Milligan’s ‘Book of Bits’ which I bought 2nd hand from the P&P book exchange when I was about 11.

I am particularly heartened that the caption I entered then is pretty much the same one I would enter now – a lovely indication that I have retained the joyful exuberance of youth despite all the horrors life has lobbed at me. I am similarly pleased with the mis-spelling of ‘Hooray’, which I have reproduced twice, regardless of the fact that the word is correctly printed only millimetres away from my own entry.


book of bits



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