A Poem…

I was asked to upload an audio file for UNFEST, a local music and arts festival taking place in Tunbridge Wells at the end of May. Having gone to the trouble of making the recording I thought I might as well bung it up here too.

I’ve contributed to Unfest in various ways over past few years, and this year will be reading some of me poems (how very Pam Ayres!) as well as contributing art and words for three different venues. We will also be organising the Now-World-Famous-In-Tunbridge-Wells “Postcards from the Hedge” letterboxes again, offering those attending the festival an
opportunity to get involved themselves.

Anyhoo, here’s the poem. Sorry, if it sounds a bit ‘ringy’ – the Unfest app needed MP3 format, and then Soundcloud appears to have compressed it again.

UPDATE: Prompted by a new project (watch this space) I uploaded a new “non-ringy” version… (November 2017)



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