New Product Added to “Lob-It” Range…

Hello dear reader, been a while hasn’t it? I won’t apologise again for the lack of recent posts because quite frankly my promises of improved productivity are starting to sound a bit lame even to my ear. I do intend at some point starting a couple of new sites – one dedicated to my ‘grown up’ writing and poetry and one for kids stuff – because while this one amuses me (and hopefully you too) it’s not necessarily a good showcase for my work, being a bit too tongue-in-cheek and diverse. I’ll still use this site for my rants and randoms though. Talking of which…

While out running today I noticed that there seems to have been a bit of a cull on regular dog breeds, and it appears that Pug-Fuggly Pugs have displaced Chihuahuas as this season’s Pooch of Choice for bat-faced teenage girls to tuck under their arms while walking in the park. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing – regular readers will know of my distaste for ugly little sacks of yip Chihuahuas – but by the same token I’m wary when any breed of mutt becomes a fashion accessory, because it’s only a matter of time before fashions change. I mean, I saw three or four people daft enough to spend their cash on dungarees last summer after they were tipped as the NEXT BIG THING, and we all know how quickly that idea tanked. And much as I hate Chihuahuas I can’t help wondering where all the yappy little feckers have gone, and how many vile pug farms have sprung up in their wake selling vaguely pug-like crossbreeds at £500 a pop to people who will quickly come to realise they’ve been sold a genetically-compromised and constitutionally feeble inbred pup?

Oh, and I also noticed that dog eggs are on the increase again, and while I hate to point the finger at bat-faced teenage girls with pugs and spotty-little-herbert teenage boys with things resembling pitbulls I can’t help but feel that the two things are related. But I digress…

Coming back to the topic of this post, I realised following today’s run that there’s a gap opened in the ‘Lob-It’ range of dog accessories I launched a few months ago. Addressing that, here are details of the NEW IMPROVED range, including the all-new “PUG-WHANGER”.  Available now from all good virtual retailers…



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