Available soon from The Royal Tunbridge Wells Gift Shop for the dog in your life…

lob it



    1. I have lots of neighbours with dogs. The Chihuahua is by far the most vocal and annoying, but there are several other contenders for the throne. Also plenty of those vile, blunt-headed shark-eyed not-quite-a-pitbull-so-legal-but-still-almost-certainly-going-to-eat-a-child’s-face-off-at-some-point things. All of whom’s owners will declare ‘it’s not the dog it’s the owner’ right up to the point that a child is mauled and they realise that it IS the dog after all…


      1. Got those too… They all come to my garden to crap and pee because our cat is terrified of her own shadow and won’t defend her territory. They see it as a small victory every day to metaphorically rub her nose in it!

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