Wordy Rappinghood…

Gosh! I’ve been rushing around like a fly with a blue bottom for the past couple of weeks or so helping organise stuff for the various UNFEST events I mentioned in my last blog. This has mostly involved buying a huge number of A4 “certificate” frames from a well known budget retail blue arsed flyoutlet and designing/ printing / laminating an equally impressive number of arty postcards (not that sort of “art” postcard, you filthy-minded buggers!) in a variety of sizes and finishes, but alongside that I’ve also been writing all sorts of rubbish to put on said postcards. Oh, and I made a big letterbox out of cardboard and covered it in duct tape too. Blimey, it’s an exciting life, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, all that blue-arsed-seat-of-the-pants flying culminates this weekend in a series of live readings at several venues in and around Tunbridge Wells and a whirlwind of beer and music as I stagger from one venue to another to listen to some rather brilliant local bands. Great or what?  I mentioned most of the weekend’s shenanigans in the last message, so I won’t go over it all again (scroll back… aw gawwan… …), but I’m adding this quick update to advise of a new item to the itinerary that has just popped up – to wit, a half-hour slot reading my “stuff” at another local Arts Festival on Bank Holiday Monday.

poetI’m hoping I’ll be joined on the stage by my friend Peppy Scott, who is seeking an extension to the weekend pass she will have already hammered to death with her involvement in all that other stuff mentioned in the previous blog (scroll baaaack… I’ve already told you once…), which will mean the lucky punters at the Rusthall Working Man’s Club on Monday night will get a BoGoF deal of humorous verse just before Charley Blue (Wot wowed the judges on X-Factor or something on the tellybox) takes to the stage with her Rock ‘n’ Roll violin.

If you live in or around Rusthall / Tunbridge Wells it would be lovely to have your support. I should be hitting the stage at about 8:45pm, having hit the bottle from about 6:00pm to calm my nerves. If you don’t live in or around Rusthall / Tunbridge Wells and are too bloody selfish to travel then good vibes would be appreciated too. I’m not a big believer in “Vibes” and woo like that, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind, does it?

Even if you can’t make it to Rusthall or Unfest have a lovely May Bank Holiday Weekend, whydon’tchya, and I’ll see you on the other side…

postcard example anything goes print



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