How long?!

Blimey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? As those who very kindly opted to receive update notifications will know I’ve become somewhat lax as far as blogging goes. I would love to say this is because I’ve got caught up in a whirlpool of exciting and lucrative-but-time-consuming ventures that have kept me far too occupied to post, but of course I would be lying. I’ve just been busy doing nothing (well, next to nothing), and as far as my financial situation goes I’m just as skint as I’ve always been. Gold-diggers be warned – seduce me by all means, but as far as payouts go fish and chips and the odd pint of bitter is about as far as my wallet will stretch.

Anyhoo, a blog saying ‘I’ve done bugger all since Christmas’ is probably even worse than no blog at all, so here are a few bits and pieces I’ve done / am doing that justify the parenthesis (that’s “brackets” for those standing in the corner with pointy hats on) in the above paragraph.
1) Running. Lots of running. And I’ve got the bleeding nipples and black / missing toenails to prove it. Still not quite managed a full marathon yet (not an official one at least) but nip guardmay get there by the end of summer if a local one comes up and I fancy it. To be honest I’m not a glory runner, so as long as I know I’m Going the Distance (cue musical interlude from CAKE) I’m happy. I do a half (13-14 miles) most Sundays and run a couple of times a week with Sarah’s Runners in Tunbridge Wells where I am occasionally persuaded to strap on a medi-kit as a support coach. I’m also in the process of setting up a “Stepping Stone” running group for MIND to provide a bridge for those who want to access a running group but don’t yet feel quite confident enough to jump straight in, if you’ll excuse the mexed mitaphor.

2) My writing has been a bit hit and miss lately. I’ve been writing LOADS but not the stuff I really need to be writing. I’m finding, if I’m honest, the transition from writing short stories and stuff to “The Novel” quite difficult, which I think may be par for the course for ‘intuitive’ writers like wot I am. The plotters and planners have a much easier time of it, it seems. Probably I just need some discipline. Shush. That said, I’ve been doing lots of creative stuff for a local Music and Art festival called UNFEST, involving poetry, fiction and even some fannying about in Photoshop. POSTCARDS FROM THE HEDGE for blogThere will also be a bit of performance poetry in the mix with readings at a couple of local events, some serious, some not so much. I’m generally far more comfortable with the “not so much”, with a bit of audience participation thrown in (ooer missus). For anyone interested, here are the UNFEST bits and bobs I’m specifically involved in as part of a collaboration with a couple of friends of a similar bent. We’re calling ourselves FESTFICTION, and hope that this will be the start of something big(ger). Well, ongoing at least…

There’s also an unusual art installation / music / spoken word project I’m involved in through Tunbridge Wells Writers, called Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern, and I may well be reading a couple of me pomes in the garden at Unfest as part of Word Up.
So there you have it, a somewhat self-promotional self-absorbed kind of post but then I guess blogs often are! I’ll try not to leave it so long next time, and to offer up something a bit less, erm, self-absorbed and self-promotional, but at least if you were curious you now know what I’ve (not) been up to!museum



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