When is a Charity Run not a Charity Run?

sunset runner header

just giving logoWhen it’s a NOT FOR CHARITY CHARITY RUN.
Which is what I will be doing on
Sunday 4th October (God willing*).

As regular readers will know, I can be quite vocal about people doing things they enjoy doing recreationally and/or for personal satisfaction and claiming they’re doing it for charity. I wrote a blog about it, in fact, which you can, if the fancy takes you, read HERE.

So, let’s be clear, then: I am NOT running for charity on October 4th I am running for pleasure, and I would almost certainly have been running for pleasure on that date even if The Bridge Trust hadn’t been looking for people to run and raise money on their behalf.

That said, I probably wouldn’t be running a half marathon, and  would probably elect to postpone my run should it be hissing down – an option not now available to me other than for the most severe meteorological anomaly prompting the cancellation of the entire event. And possibly an immediate and drama-filled evacuation of the area. So either way you will get your money’s worth.

'Pip'. Of whom I have Great Expectations
‘Pip’. Of whom I have Great Expectations

The Bridge Trust, BTW, is a charity that helps homeless people in Kent, and both myself and my pet Pingwing, Pip, support them as much and as often as our very meagre bank accounts will allow. If you bothered clicking that blog link I included above you will have seen that the treatment meted out to the homeless in Kent prompted that particular rant post too – so my endorsement of The Bridge Trust is not a casual one.

Anyhoo… It would be really REALLY lovely if you were to support me in my hypocrisy (remember, every pound you give is another ounce of powder in the petard I’ve chosen to hoist myself by!) by making a donation on my Just Giving page. I will be running the course anyway, and enjoying it in that perverse sort of way that runners enjoy knackering themselves out for pleasure, but if other people can benefit from that I’m more than happy to oblige them. Thank you for your (and I’m jumping the gun a bit here, I know) generosity, you lovely lovely people.vent not for charity

* I don’t like to tempt fate…


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