A Bit of Flash Fiction…

… I found lurking on my hard drive. I’d forgotten all about it, but think it’s probably a ‘100 word challenge’ from some point. I can’t remember the keyword/phrase but suspect it was ‘the pounding in my head’.

The Morning After

I push back the covers and, despite the pounding in my head, drag myself from between them. Standing makes the pounding worse, and with it comes a wave of nausea that hangoveralmost drops me back onto the bed. I resist, waiting for the room to stop spinning and my rolling stomach to settle. When they do I shuffle forward, heading for the bathroom. As I enter I see myself in the mirror: pale face, black rings around the eyes and sweat on my upper lip and forehead. ‘Never again’ I vow, wondering as I do how I’ll tell the kids I want to stop the chemo.


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