Kid’s Stuff…

Well it’s a Linky-Up Monday again so I will be sharing this with a good collection of other bloggers and reading some of their linky-uppers in return. As ‘Motivational Monday’ is themed I’ll be sticking with that remit, which this month is Children. Here, then, are a clutch of poems written for/about children:


Speeding past the shopping precinct
Swerving madly by the pond
Gravel spraying, chipping paintwork
Bumping up the path beyond
Tyres skipping, body leaning
Almost falling, kickstand scrapes
Heartbeat hammers, pulse is racing
Wild eyes and squealing brakes.
Willis on a jet-ski flying
James Bond on a snow-cat hike
Arnie on a black Ducati…

Just me on my mountain bike. 


If you fill your pyjamas with custard
It makes for a terrible mess
It dribbles all over your bedding
(And carpets as well I confess)
It squelches and belches and bubbles
And sticks in the crack of your bum
And while you might think that quite funny
It really infuriates mum!

If I Could Build a Time Machine

If I could build a time machine
I would travel back to my first day in school
And tell me not to be scared.
I would hold my hand and smile at mum
And tell her ‘don’t worry,
‘I’ll be okay with me,
‘You can go home now
‘Have a nice cup of tea
‘And put your feet up.

If I could build a time machine
I would travel back to the day I was born
And watch mum hold me in her arms
With tears sparkling in her eyes
While dad took the photograph that sits
On our mantlepiece.

If I could build a time machine
I would travel back to when I was three
When I tipped my trike and cut my head.
I would hold my hand while I sat on mum’s lap
And watch her smooth the hair from my eyes,
Gently washing away the blood
With a warm, wet sponge
To kiss me better.

If I could build a time machine
I would travel back to the day mum died
And make dad take me with him
To the hospital.
I would wrap my arms around her neck
Gently, so as not to hurt,
And tell her
‘I Love You’

Dinosaur Dreams

dinoI wish I was a dinosaur
A T. Rex or Gigantosaur

I’d wait until the lunchtime bell
Then give the playground bullies hell! 



8 thoughts on “Kid’s Stuff…”

    1. I added that one as an afterthought after reading your blogs! I have a longer version somewhere where the dinosaur goes on the rampage, but like the short and sweet one more 🙂 Thanks for comment

  1. Totally brilliant! I love the images the All Action Hero gives – memories from my youth 🙂 The Time Machine is absolutely superb. Well written that man. Love the humour in the other two. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo and Prose for Thought 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ll bung up a few more pomes next week, then 😀 Have been VERY busy this w/e and therefore remiss in catching up with my linky reading but I WILL get round to the ‘co’ bit soon, I promise! 😀

    1. Yes, gravel under bicycle tyres is a lovely sound, isn’t it – kind of crunchy and wet at the same time! That and the sound of a playing card pegged to the back fork clacking against spokes is one of my favourite childhood noises. Thanks for comment 🙂

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