Something for the Weekend…

Not often I post at the weekend, but thought I might go for a quickie today (fnar fnar) to celebrate the first decent Sunday in what seems like forever. After a morning of horrid chores and stuff I dragged Ben, kicking and screaming like a terrified vampyre, into the sunlight, and we went for a nice pootle around Haysden country park, which is one of my favourite walking and cycling spots. The bikes haven’t been out since last summer and need a bit of TLC to get them park-worthy again (well, just a bit of air in the tyres, really, but we were pushed for time) so we left them at home, and we underestimated quite how lovely it was so neglected to give the ol’ legs an airing by wearing shorts, but those things aside it was a joy to be out in the sunshine again at long last.

One thing that did have the potential to put a bit of a dampener on it was the occasional dog egg that had to be circumnavigated. This is one of my pet (excuse the unintended pun) hates, and today I was mildly incensed when a young couple with a dog let it crap in the middle of the path just as we were passing. I heard him ask her to get a bag from her handbag, but my spidey senses were tingling, and when I looked back my suspicions were confirmed and they were striding off in the other direction…

‘Excuse me, mate’ – I shouted, are you going to clean that up, or what?’

‘Er, yeah’ he said, ‘only we forgot the bags, so we’re going back to the car to get one.’

I pointed out that the carpark was in the opposite direction, and that being only a quarter of the way around the lake it would be easier and quicker to backtrack. I also commented that I regularly meet people who ‘forgot’ to bring bags on the one occasion that I challenge them about it, and that it must be some sort of weird statistical anomaly.
He looked a bit pissed, TBH and asked a passer by if they happened to have a bag. They didn’t, but his asking reminded me that I’d just bought two new t-shirts, and therefore had the plakky bag the shop had put them in. It meant I had to carry the t-shirts in my hand for the rest of the walk, but that aside I was only too glad to oblige…… I felt rather proud as he scooped it up and two nearby anglers gave me a round of applause. They also laughed at my suggestion that there should be dog egg task forces patrolling every park, giving free plakky bags to first time offenders or a spoon to repeat offenders.

Readers of my old Moonfruit site will possibly remember a couple of blogs on the dog-egg theme, and some other radical solutions to the problem. I’ll be porting them over to this site in the next couple of weeks or so, so keep ’em peeled…

Only had Ben’s phone with us, but took a few pics along the way. Nothing special, but here they are for those who like that kind of thing:


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