It’s Good To Talk (and other old rope)…

On Tuesday I went to my writers’ group. From a casual conversation I got a comedy ‘sketch’ and a poem (well a limerick, but a good one that will hopefully put a smile on the recipients face), and I was also nudged into writing a piece of flash fiction that has the makings, when expanded, of a really good short story. Additionally there was discussion of several other ongoing group projects, and I got to hang out with a bunch of lovely, vibrant people while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

I’m not going to bang on about it, but if you, dear reader, happen to be a scribbler of any sort I would unreservedly recommend finding (or perhaps even starting) a local group of some kind. I know there are a million and one online resources offering similar opportunities for cross-fertilisation (ooer missus), but IMO doing it face to face offerswriter another level of interaction that really makes it worth the effort of putting on a coat and jumping on a bus or whatever. And even if you’re a shrinking violet who finds the idea of doing social abhorrent there are still wonderful opportunities for quiet observation. You might just meet the protagonist (or protagonist’s nemesis – it takes all sorts!) you’ve been trying to pin down for that soon to be best-selling novel of yours…

IN OTHER NEWS: Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had cause to dig out and redistribute a couple of old blogs that were written before I opened my WordPress account. This has been a huge pain in the arse, because the only way you can add ‘search’ to a Moonfruit account is via an external plug-in, which I don’t want to use because it drags in loads of ads I don’t want too. So, rather than writing new blogs for a while I’m going to spend my time porting the old blogs from Moonfruit to WordPress, so that when I want to backtrack I can do so without having to resort to clicking back over two and a half years’ worth of posts to find the particular item I’m looking for.

For Moonfruit viewers (I post to Moonfruit on Thursdays) this will mean following links to old content, but having said that it will be YEARS old rather than weeks or months, so unless you have the memory of an elephant or regularly trawl my back catalogue it should feel reasonably fresh. As far as WordPress (Posted on Fridays) readers go it should be all new content, apart from the fact that it will be out of sync with current affairs and/or the seasons. I’ll add datelines so you can keep up…

Here are three short ones from the archives, dated 10th – 17th February 2011:

THE GRAND OPENING: What am I doing here and why?

‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ said Wordsworth. Having read the preface to ‘lyrical ballads’ I’m not surprised the bigheaded tosspot had no friends.

I went to a talk last night on ‘fusion media’ (I knowww, what are they like!) and it was quite mind-boggling how much influence social networking and all that old bolleaux has and how important it’s become. I know I’m an old dinosaur, but I really can’t get my head around it all. I’m not very keen on socialising with people I like let alone with complete strangers who by definition must be a bit iffy in the first place (otherwise they’d be just as cynical as me about social networking, and not sending friend requests to other complete strangers online), so it all leaves me feeling a bit defensive really.

Well, I guess I could take the view that ‘the best defence is attack’ and just tell anyone who does send me a friend request to eff off, but that would sort of defeat the object of forcing myself to give it a go in the first place, wouldn’t it? So while a bit late for a New Year’s resolution I have now set up this blog and a ‘twitter’ thingummy and will see what happens.

Fusion media – I arks ya!



I saw an ad tonight for an upcoming nature documentary. They said a five ton elephant equates to 6 MILLION calories! 6 MILLION! Can you believe that?

I wish I’d just eaten the one now…fries with that

RAINING, CAT, NO DOG: Just finished mopping my kitchen floor. Guess how many seconds before the cat came in out of the pissing rain… If you said less than two or more than four you were wrong. I think it was Rita Rudner who said cats are a waste of fur.



Ooooh, how lovely. I see in the news today that the powers that be have backed down on the idea of selling off our forests and woodlands to private investors.

Oh, JOY! Now at least we’ll have somewhere to put our tents up when the full effects of all the other sweeping ‘reforms’ (I put that in ironic quotes because when I double checked I found I was right in thinking that ‘reform’ is generally a term used to imply positive changes) they’ve made start biting. Oldest trick in the book… propose something arse-achingly moronic, and while the whole country goes into a flap about that you can slip all the really damaging stuff through without ’em even noticing.

Tuff times ahead, people – unless you’re lucky enough to be in that top ten percent who just keep getting richer and richer despite recessions and cutbacks and tax hikes. Keep your tilly-lamp primed and your sleeping bag out of the puddles, and we’ll have a nice old sing-song later round the campfire. There’ll be rabbit stew and hedgehog hot-pot for all, so don’t forget your billy can, will you?


Here endeth the first recycling.


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