After ditching the idea just last week I got rather taken with the notion of running with the ‘Tunbridge Wells Gift Shop’ theme after all. Given that this has turned out to be a multi-paged extravaganza it is clearly impractical to present the whole thing as a single blog, so this is an introductory page leading to an, erm, introductory page leading to what will eventually become an entire department store of in jokes about the town I live in. I hope that won’t put non-Tunbridge Wellians off, because there is, I think (and in keeping with the department store theme), something for everyone…

I’ll be adding items to stock on a semi regular basis – probably – and the pages presented today will almost certainly be tweaked a bit by tomorrow (Friday), which is my usual day for blogging on WordPress. The reasons for blogging a day early are a bit convoluted, but in a nutshell it’s because the Moonfruit blog (usually posted on Thursdays) hasn’t the storage capacity for all of the images, and I’m too tight to pay for an upgrade.

Anyhoo, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say (who they?) , so without further preamble here is the first link of several you will encounter as you explore the first few departments of the: GIFT SHOP [click to enter, obviously. *tsk*]


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