Handing Over the Reins, Dear…

Several years ago I was browsing the internet looking for last minute prezzie ideas when lightning struck the telephone cables outside my bedroom window and my modem started glowing and humming. Darting for cover under the bed I lay in a quivering heap, anticipating an explosion, but was startled to hear instead the familiar sound of the WindowsTM start up theme as my PC Rebooted. Even more surprisingly, even the modem itself appeared unscathed, its little LEDs blinking red and green like tiny Christmas fairy lights as it connected me to the World Wide Web.


Can you imagine my surprise, dear reader, when instead of reaching my usual homepage at the cordwanglers & pugwhangers discussion forum I found myself looking at a website apparently hosted by North Pole Online featuring the daily blog of none other than Father Christmas himself! Over the next few days I read Santa’s blog, copying and pasting all the entries right up until Christmas Eve when, sadly, my modem really did give up the ghost of Christmas present and my connection was lost.

From tomorrow I will be sharing Santa’s blogs with you all. I’ll be presenting them in their original publication order which, quite conveniently, ties in very nicely with a ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ theme. Pedants among you will no doubt grumble that the official twelve days of Christmas have nowt to do with the period leading up to the big day but actually refer to the day itself and the following eleven. Pedants among you can go take a flying leap at a galloping goose.

Readers of my Moonfruit website may feel the blogs seem a bit familiar. That’s because they were given the opportunity to read them last year too. I trust they will enjoy sharing them again this year with my new followers at WordPress.

So that’s it from me for a while. Tomorrow it will be Santa’s turn, and I hope his blog brings you as much pleasure as it has brought me. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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